The Vertical Oracle

I love design, I love collage, and I love dark subject matter. Now, it probably isn’t accurate or even fair to suggest that tarot has anything dark to it. However, tarot has a cryptic and mysterious attributes and historically it has been met with suspicion and scorn and that lands it squarely in DarkDreamsCome territory. I like tarot and I use it as an un-sticking tool. This is the loveliest tarot deck to me.

Presented is The Vertical Oracle. Artist Sylvie Pickering and astrologist  Antero Alli pair poetically to create  a  collaged a set of divinatory cards that are non-traditional works of ingenuity and imagination. I never tire of looking at these cards. I only view the online version as I believe the printed cards are no longer available. If anybody knows differently, please update me!

Here are a few examples. If you click on the link above, you will be taken to a free online reading. I turn to The Vertical Oracle often. When I’m stuck or not sure that I am addressing a problem or conflict in my life the right way, or if I’m just tired of thinking in a loop I turn to the Vertical Oracle’s free online reading to give me a nudge, a suggestion, an affirmation. Does it provide accurate, reliable, or realistic input? I come back over and over again and that is all I really need to know.

Here is my reading for today. Take the free reader for a spin. Everybody I have introduced to it loves the art and compelling narrative of each card. Feel free to leave a comment about your experience with The Vertical Oracle. I’d love to hear what it did for you.

this is card 5

* How you are feeling at this moment, what is on your mind and the nature of your question.

Imminent change:
Pluto in Scorpio or in the Eighth House

This is only a test. If this were an actual emergency you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

Picture yourself standing at the calm center of a roaming cyclone. Flying beyond your grasp are familiar objects & icons no longer in your possession.

Your options? You can let go and you can keep on letting go. The drawn curtains on the door symbolize the true mystery of death; who can say what happens?

If you become aware of an actual death now treat this image as a symbol for the “bardo” realm where souls are said to wander until they find their way back to more vertical sources.

You stand at a timely threshold.

Through trembling veils you gaze into the abyss and the abyss gazes back into you.

this is card 37

*The factors influencing you and what is happening around you.

Restricting the flow:
Moon in Capricorn or in the Tenth House

When something doesn’t feet quite right, sometimes there’s good reason.

Hesitation can be an intuition about external coercion or manipulation. A felt contraction might also express a knee-jerk reflex for avoiding necessary growth and change.

Whatever the cause, this image represents a tangible limitation ready to be faced. Rusty iron chains (in the foreground) almost obliterate the view of the waves.

Are you losing perspective from clinging onto obsolete images or false assumptions? If so, it may be restricting your mobility. To induce flow, stop resisting the resistance; blend with it.

For whatever reason, resistance is only energy trapped in a frozen, or fixed, state.

this is card 43

*The direction you need to take to resolve any problems before you.


A message from the ‘No Coincidences’ Dept:
Uranus in Sagittarius or in the Ninth House

Serendipity’s in the air.

Many are the ways horizontal and vertical planes converge. When they do, they create highly charged moments of accelerated time and expanding space where multiple lines of fate collide, coincide and synchronize. Whether or not you chalk this up to fate or chance, this situation may be another message from the “No Coincidences Dept.”

The mirror effect in this image reflects parallel fates or realities coming together in unexpected ways, times and places. New meaning and fresh contexts result. Like MAGIC, synchronicity exists everywhere; awareness of it increases with a closer proximity to center.

The closer to center you get, the more aware of it you become.

What this means to me:

I draw this combo of cards often. The question I’m seeking input about is often the same question over and over again so I guess that is fitting. I think what this tells me is that no matter which way I go, I will be alright. There is not right or wrong choice. Just keep going down the path because the exercise of free will and experimentation and learning is the path.

Here are all the cards, brought to you in this organization by Rob Brezsny at Free Will Astrology.