Ouija…Its only a game isn’t it?

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I love Ouija boards. They scare me, they intrigue me, they beguile me with their fonts and colors and layout. The design of a Ouija board is blazed into most of our consciousness. I couldn’t draw an outline of the United States, but I could certainly draw an Ouija board and I don’t think I’m alone in this. It’s the design–the magic of an a mundane alphabet that turns magical and mysterious due to so many possible combinations of letters that, if you pay attention, might spell out something revolting (with any luck). We had some weird experiences as teenagers with our Ouija board fascination. It’s all healthy and normal though. Right?

Mini Lunar Filigree Spirit Board – Ouija Board

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Cocaine Lies & Whisky Thrills



Ouija board

Ouija Board loose canvas art prints by ShayneoftheDead on Etsy

Ouija Board loose canvas art prints by ShayneoftheDead on Etsy

not for me




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Ouija Board


C. Blake Williams Mystic Talking Board. Spirit Board. Ouija Board.

Mini Ancient Alchemy Spirit Board - Ouija Board


Regarding the question: Ouija….Its only a game, right? No! Its also a Happy Meal! Hooray! 

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PS–this is from Snopes. Turn the car around and go back home. 

A final world on Ouija boards–

When the weird in you falls in love with the weird in someone else, a Ouija board is not just a game but a dark reminder that on Oct 31, 2015 you vowed, on a OUIJA board (for Chrissake) that you would stay together “Till Death Do Us Part”. I’ll catch the end of this horror movie on Shudder. 

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