Dental Distortions

I ‘m not a particularly material person, but I have a few objects I would try to save if my house was burning. My Dental Distortions teeth are one of those. I’ve had these about 5 years now and they are a staple. This is a mouthful of teeth! They are veneers so they are light, unobstructive, and not visible when your mouth is closed. But flash those pearly whites and people jump and then usually say, “Wow, those are awesome teeth”. I love to wear them costume less, so nobody suspects anything. I wore these around Salem Mass last year at Halloween. No costume, just teeth, and people loved them. They are a great Halloween build up–just some teeth to remind people the big day is on its way.

On my list this year is another pair–this time a gnashing, filthy, pointy set to really set the hearts afloat. Oh, they have fingernails now too!

LUCIUS FX Fangs 2.0 by Dental Distortionssalem 2

I think next year I’ll get super dolled up as a cheerleader, or Marilyn, or some kind of sex pot and stick these in my mouth. I’ll call myself “Butter TEETH!!!”

30 Days Pro Line FX Veneers by Dental DistortionsWerewolf claws by Dental Distortions