Welcome to Dark Dreams

Welcome those with superlative tastes in the all things macabre and brooding.  I am honored to share my appetence for quality gore, dark art, and coveted and mysterious objects with you. Wander the halls, peek through the doors, but do not to desire things that will destroy you in the end. Always remember, your Dark Side makes you whole.

My first experience

My little sister and I shared a bedroom in the 3 bedroom Rambler we grew up in. I’m not sure rooming with a sibling makes the night less or more scary. My guess,  based on my experience is it exacerbates the bumps in the night and doubles the wildness of imaginations.

I’m reluctant to talk about these things.  Doors that are safely closed are best left that way. Giving attention to these things feels an invitation for it to return and I do not, at this point in m life,  have time to be pestered by manifestations with questionable intentions. I talk often about my lifetime of being plagued by the terrorizing paralysis and visitations , but I now realize that I never talk about the very first one–the one my sister and I saw when we were 4 and 5 years old.

Halloween Greenwood 2 2015